Cool video demonstration of change blindness


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I saw the chnegas right away. I don’t untradesnd why anyone wlodun’t be able to.


Mostly I saw the image switching between a photograph and a plain gray block of solid colour.


Cheaters! Everybody know that people on the far left wear no trousers!


I just can’t commit to these videos anymore after those screaming jump scare videos of the late 90’s :grinning:


I saw no chnegas


I wonder if it would be easier to notice the difference without the gray screen in between. Maybe the change is more noticeable if your attention isn’t actually flipping between three images instead of two? If so, between that and the artificial scenario of “only stare at the center,” this might be less demonstrative than they intend it to be.


Unquestionably it’s much, much easier without the gray screen, as you’ve got neurons specifically to pick up movement. It’s not less demonstrative, it’s just demonstrative of something different, which is that (without cheating by using those neurons) you’re not that good at taking in an image and remembering it for even a quarter second.


How about the fnords?


Absolutely do not look to the left!

Haha! See how bad your brain is at seeing things on the left!


Easy. I even saw the bear!


See also this one, which is a bit more advanced:


“Keep your gaze fixed on the centre”

Not so much “change blindness” as “it’s hard to see things that you’re not actually looking at.” Once I allowed myself to look around the image, the change became apparent.


Now that one I caught the first time over a decade ago in a work meeting.
These one with the “focus on the center”, well duh stuff changes away from the center so not gonna see it.


Astonishing that people don’t notice things they’re specifically NOT looking at, changing? Really?


My favorite demonstration of a similar phenomenon – when your eyes make saccades, you don’t perceive motion (or much else). Try looking at one of your eyes in a mirror, as close to the mirror as you can focus, then look to the other eye, and try to see the motion of your iris/pupil moving between the two gaze directions. Shift your gaze as slow or fast as you want, and it is still difficult to perceive the motion of your eyeballs.

The effect of the saccade is similar to these intermediate blank screens. But with saccades, even attention won’t allow perception of motion.


Did you do the second part of each of the demos? The bit about staring at the centre after being told where the chnega is taking place? Did you notice the chnega then? Did you predict that you would be able to, and if so, why, exactly? (“Because the video led me to believe I would,” is not an interesting answer.)


This video directed me to look elsewhere, so I saw other things.

besides, I like my chnega with tartar sauce.


I feel like this says more about peripheral vision than simple “change blindness.” And with the first few examples, the video “trains” you to start being more aware of things happening in your peripheral vision–so that on the final example, you’re already focusing on everything except what’s dead-center.


Be on the lookout - with the changing weather patterns and warmer climes spreading farther northward for much longer parts of the year, they’re sure to be in your neighborhood sooner or later.