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I can’t figure out what medium we’re discussing here. “Studio” seems to imply painting or photography, but then there’s a mention of performance - are they a film studio?

Game studio! A bloody good one. They make excellent games that a certain type of gamer would say that’s not a game!!! about.

Aha, I didn’t even know games were made by studios. The last few I played were made by… companies, I think?

They’ve been called “game studios” for at least 20 years! Maybe it’s an industry thing? I’ve heard the term so often I never really questioned it.

So much amazing melancholy comes out of the UK. I suppose it would be a brew of WW-I, WW-II, a rapidly decaying empire, a decaying middle class, and a recent cold war hair trigger nuclear standoff to generate a familiarity with the end of many worlds.

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The term “studio” seems to be for generally where creative things are made. It has been used also for sculpture, music, and other arts. If what you make is important enough to get its own house, rather than a garage or shed, then that house is a studio.

My favourite British end of the world is probably Spike Milligan’s bizarre film “The Bed Sitting Room”.

Game companies often contain a bunch of game studios. For example, Bethesda Game Studios is an in-house development team at Bethesda Softworks (the company) and Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studious are both part of Microsoft. Some companies do development primarily through external studios, rather than in-house.

That trailer is one of the most content-free things I’ve ever watched. Not at all intriguing. shrug


“Game companies” could be publishers or game development studios or publishers that own a number of game development studios (or maybe even a company that makes hardware or software used to make or run games). In the early days of arcade and console gaming that distinction didn’t exist, because to be a developer of games was also to be a publisher (and in the very beginning also meant being in hardware, too). “Studio” refers specifically to a company that produces the actual games themselves - nowadays they might be owned by a publisher, do deals with third-party publishers, or not deal with publishers at all, digitally distributing games independently.

Edit: Even if you hate the movie, soundtrack includes Davide Bowie, Roger Waters and Phil Collins, so there’s that.

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Yeah, the game itself sounds interesting but boy did that teaser have very little to say. The swirly thing flying across the fields reminded of Flower, which is kind of neat I guess?

I find the reverse to be even worse though, as in the recent trend of original, interesting trailers for unoriginal, uninteresting games that end up disappointing.

I don’t know if they changed the text or what, but to me it seems pretty evident. Sure, knowing what an “E3 trailer” means is super nerdy, but near the end there’s a quote by ‘Eurogamer’ saying things about ‘the game’, and the very first sentence mentions video games. Clue!

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