Chef makes Sno Balls from scratch

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Saw this last night and the video was great, though don’t care for mashmallows or coconut. That being said the end result looked damn close to the real thing :smiley: bet it actually tasted great (unlike actual sno balls).


But why? Whyyyy?

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“If you lose a foot to diabetes, we’re on the right track.”

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You beat me to it. Those things are terrible.

I’ve watched one of her videos, and I just can’t get into it. Maybe it was just the video I saw, but she had this snobbish attitude that I couldn’t get behind. I mean, lady, I get it, you’re too fancy to deign to eat a twinkie much less enjoy one, but let’s be real here: putting videos of make-alike pastries on the youtubes for the mad views ain’t exactly high brow either.

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To me i don’t get that at all. It’s all for fun, she’s not making the videos under the pretense of “twinkies or whatever product sucks, so i need to gourmet it up”. It’s just to see if she can figure it out, how hard it would be to make your own from scratch, etc. I think of this kind of stuff on a regular basis so its right up my alley.


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