Review: Popcake PC-11 Pancake Extruder


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It says “This video contains content from Boing Boing TV. It is not available in your country.” I know Boing Boing is from a different planet, but I always thought it was the same country…


This may be a new frontier – can it be that YouTube thinks BoingBoing has DMCA-takedown’d its own content?


I’d rather just walk over to the other part of the free breakfast table and have a sad bowl of cold cereal. At least it still tastes like a bowl of cold cereal.


Seeing the same thing from here in NYC.


I was hoping for more like


I live in CA (which is home to how many of the BB staff?), and am unable to see the video as well. I guess now we know how the non-US-ians feel the rest of the time, huh?


gluten centipede :yum:


Have let @beschizza know the video issue. Hope to have it fixed soon.


#How many goodly machines are there here! / How beauteous makers are! O brave new world, / That has such things in 't!


You gotta stay in the super fancy hotel for pancakes like that. :wink:


I did not view the video but I really enjoyed the review, even though its for something that I will probably never see, let alone use. :grinning:


What country do I need to live in? This one is not working.


I live in the UK and can see it fine.



I’m going to try using my personal account to upload it.

How messed up is that? Youtube is taking down our videos because our own account is contentID matching itself.


It sells for about $2,500 used.

Well good, that’s my Christmas list then.


@HappyTrees @nonnihil @Dana_Nonsense @monkeyoh @kingannoy @Bagoombah and others who could not see, behold! YOU CAN WATCH NOW!



Duh, what else would they be? Spherical?


I am a firm believer in the hollow pancake theory.