This innovative pan makes for great food and minimal clean up


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As a home Chef, I hate pans like this. There is no space for turning or flipping things. It’s fine for a simple sautée or warming something up. But it’s very limited use.


There is a reason why high volume kitchens don’t use instruments like this. It certainly has good intentions, but the exact opposite–a large flat griddle–is easier and better to cook and clean.


This innovative pan makes for great food and minimal clean up

No. No, it doesn’t.

This is what @japhroaig is talkin’ about:

@japhroaig knows what he’s talkin’ about.


Also, only good for cooking a ton of food for one person, or an appropriate amount of food for 6 toddlers (who can never agree on what they want to eat, and the food cannot touch).

And what burner can heat all sections of that pan equally?


I can’t remember the last time I had to cook six different things that each required the same heat profile.

It looks cute though. I could totally see myself reheating my artisanal TV dinners in my mobile micro apartment.


Ten bucks cheaper on Amazon, and you can cook for anything short of an army on it. It’s got ridges on the other side for cooking meat.

And yeah, the stove’s a mess. A top-to-bottom kitchen cleaning is on the agenda for today.


I’m dying to see how you get those beans out of the corner pocket. Going to spoon them out, one spoonful at a time?

I get out the electric griddle, when i want to cook bacon, sausage, and french toast at the same time, and only have one surface to clean up.


Only 50% off cause we haven’t been able to sell this stupid idea for cookware and we are getting tired of looking at the boxes.


These efforts usually end as a cold meal plus a pile of dishes to wash.

Speak for yourself. My efforts end up delicious. Even with merely round pans.


4 burners plus 2 ovens, oddly the things I cook are often ready at the same time.


By Krom, what sorcery is this!



I’d rather clean up five round pans, I think.


Yeah, it’s the problem with something like this - you’re stuck heating it with one flame of a given temperature, but at the same time you don’t necessarily even get consistent heating across - or even within - all the pockets, depending how heavy it is (and that’s made worse by grilling ridges in the middle, thus limiting what you cook where.

Yeah, rather than one huge, heavy, pocketed pan (that might not even be all dirty, either).


A good used stove lookes like this. But sometimes a cleaning feels good. :wink:


Ridges that seem to only be on one side of the middle :open_mouth: This is a pan that can’t make up it’s mind about what it wants to be.


But it’s lead free! LEAD FREE!


Try these ceramic plates. They’re actually rather practical for serving foods. Plus it’s fun to recreate classic TV dinners and watch a movie.


Pretty sure these were the pans used to cook the original TV dinners…