Scanpan Professional 9.5-Inch Fry Pan

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I have several Scanpan items and they are worth the price. I’m not one to use wooden or silicon utensils and they have held up well for almost 10 years.

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I have this same pan and it’s worked out really well.

I had to do a warranty replacement on one, and they replaced it with no quibble.

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This is the pan I will use to kill Hitler, once my time machine is completed.


It will die, eventually… Yes, the warranty is honored; a bit reluctantly.

Carbon steel pans FTW. Lighter and easier to use than cast iron, heat up superfast, nonstick once they have a good patina on them, and cheap.


We use a Turk forged-iron pan. No magic surface coating to protect, lighter and easier to season than cast iron, and no sticking eggs yet. The middle brother between carbon steel and cast iron.


i use daily my T-fal 12.5 " nonstick fry pan that cost under $30. it has been the top pick on “america’s test kitchen” year after year.:slight_smile:

If you put half the effort you use with your cast iron into properly caring for good non-stick, it will last for decades. Hand wash with hot water and a little Dawn, scrubbing with a plastic webbed sponge, is all that’s needed for cleaning.

Care with cast iron (or carbon steel or forged iron) is similar, except no Dawn. On our forged iron I usually use a bit of paper towel instead of a plastic webbed sponge, since the food doesn’t stick.

Um, yeah. I’m in your camp. Except that I just heat them and wipe them out with paper. I’ve always been a non-stick guy.
Except also that I have other pans for stuff with a significant water content or to which I’m going to add sweetener or de-glaze. Pans where the teflon wore of 20 years ago. But for those kinds of ingredients I don’t buy that any pan is non-stick.

A hot water rinse with a sprayer is generally all that’s needed to clean out my non-stick, but I hit it with a bit of Dawn and little scrubbing, just because I know it’s clean. When I shake off the water, the surface is virtually dry. A quick wipe with a paper towel picks up any stray droplets.

I’ve had an entire set of scanpans, and after warranty replacing the bulk of them three or four times i finally gave up on them. the coatings always bubbled peeled from the aluminum, and i baby my pans and never put them in the dishwasher or expose them to empty heating, still these pans all had problems which i found odd seeing as they marketed them as being indestructible. …also i found out they contain PTFE which is the harmful component in teflon.

I now have some true ceramic non-stick pans that are ptfe free and couldn’t be happier.


I agree with the carbon steel/cast iron camp. Those pans are virtually non-stick and while you do have to dry them thoroughly to prevent rust, they are otherwise indestructible.

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I had the same experience, redesigned and yes found the same PTFE issue.
what are ‘true ceramic non-stick pans?’

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I’m gonna say it.

I’ve never had a damn omlette I’ve ever damn liked!

It’s not that they are bad, they are just meh. The best are basically hollandaise that should be draped on something more interesting. The worst are rubbery insults to the balloons in Up!

What were we talking about? Pans? I think @jlw and I are about in precise agreement about the perfection of pans.


there are quite a few companies using new ceramic surfaces that are much more non-stick then Teflon and harder and more durable. These surfaces don’t use chemicals to achieve the non-stickedness but rather specific molecular surface profiles. They have zero offgass and are completly safe as they are 100% ceramic.

scanpan uses a titanium/ceramic/teflon (yes teflon but not name-brand dupont teflon, their own formulation of teflon made in denmark) combination “matrix” that they bake on the surface of the pan. they claim that the titanium ceramic “matrix” grid protects the teflon and keeps it from scraping off, but it doesn’t prevent the release of PTFE when heated. They claim the teflon is “embedded” into the material and it isn’t a coating, except i’ve had the coating peel numerous times it is most certainly a coating.

very sketchy how they claim to be teflon free to sell to unwary customers when their pans are essentially the same thing. SCAMpans.

What sold me on the scan pan was that the manufacturer allows metal utensils and still honors the warranty. I know of no other nonstick that does so. They claim their coating is bonded much better than other brands because they heat it to something like 1400 degrees while manufacturing.

It’s always nice to see a bit of scaremongering nonsense mixed in with the product-hawking here on BoingBoing. Teflon is toxic in the same way that vaccines cause autism, i.e. it bloody well isn’t.

“But if you burn it!”

Indeed. Many inert substances become toxic if burned.

Probably a good reason to keep them away from heat.