Blimp Style Pancakes

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Well. I mean, maybe I’m a bit picky about my food, but I wouldn’t want to store the pancake batter overnight at room temperature. I guess this is why you want a mansion with a whole 4 degree room for food. Then you can afford a chef to do this kind of stuff for you. :wink:


( Guess I’ll be “That guy” )

Ummm, Pancake?

Pancakes and the others ( flapjack & so on ) are flat and round & made in a pan hence: Pancake.

That is not a pancake.
That is a cake make in a rice cooker.


I’m impressed by how confident the author is that “All rice cookers have a timer.” Problem is I now have two mysterious unknown (timer-less) appliances in my kitchen. What exactly have I been using to cook my rice? Inquiring minds need answers.


When I bought my rice cooker, it included an instruction booklet and a recipe booklet, and in that recipe booklet there were instructions on how to do this exact thing. People have been baking tiny cakes in rice cookers for years, apparently.


My rice cooker has a single button; it cooks rice until it’s done, and stops. It has no timer, like yours, but seems to do quite well at rice-making. I’ve no idea how it would handle a pancake!

And of course one of the first comments on the article is:


I’d be one of those people :wink:
It’s a great idea for making a small cake without the worries of left overs.

And they go over well at bake sales.

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Made it. Used a Krusteaz pancake/waffle mix. Pancakes called for 1c mix 2/3c water. Cooked up in probably 15 minutes. Did not shake out, had to work to get it out. As a result it didn’t look at all like the pictures, it was kinda messed up. It was very crumbly inside, no way you could cut it with a knife and have it hold together. Still tasty, easy, low clean-up. Might try to add some oil next time or make it with the waffle recipe (adds oil & egg).


That guy’s comment made a boob out of him.



I don’t have a rice cooker. I still do it the old-fashioned way:

at the 00:51 mark:


‘Pancake mix’? People actually buy pre-mixed flour-sugar-salt-etc ? That’s like frozen pre-baked potatoes… oh, wait, this is 'murrica we’re talking about.


It’s often cheaper, faster, and easier than buying all of those ingredients separately, especially if you don’t often use things like baking powder. If you just want to make some pancakes and don’t have the basics on hand, why not grab a box of Krusteaz or Aunt Jemima? They work and taste good.

Which, again, is often faster, easier, and cheaper than buying potatoes and cooking from scratch.

Is there a Godwin award for how soon it takes someone to make a “ha ha America sucks” comment for any random topic?


Me too. I’d rather tough it out the old fashioned way than store and clean a single function appliance.


It’s been around since 1889.


Not sure that makes it seem less silly

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I know Mike Godwin. I’ve discussed Godwin’s law with him. You, sir, are no Mike Godwin :grin:

I make my own waffles using a waffle iron and a very nice recipe that I found online. They’re delicious.

And then I decided to share the wealth, and I took the waffle maker up to where I go skiing. As the recipe above takes a lot of extra time, effort, and equipment to make, I just bought pancake mix to use with the waffle iron.

Never again. The ones from homemade batter were soft and fluffy, sweet and delicious, even when reheated; the ones from store-bought batter were hard, dense, and tasted like sawdust. They’ve put me off waffles for weeks now.


I don’t know about pancake mix being cheaper than buying all the separate ingredients. And even if it were indeed cheaper, it’s cheap for a reason and i like knowing exactly what’s in my pancake. I also don’t buy the concept that making the batter at home is time consuming, it’s one of the easiest no-brainer recipes. Takes longer for my bacon to cook than to make the pancake from scratch.

Regardless, i’m not the target demographic for pre-made mixes i suppose. If Busy Parent With Several Kids thinks they need to buy it then sure, doesn’t concern me… but my mom always made them from scratch and i love her pancakes. She tried mixes are few times and they were always hugely disappointing.

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I had a rice cooker.
In college.
It got moldy.
We threw it out.