Blimp Style Pancakes

What can I say, sometimes I’m lazy. It’s not hard to measure out all the ingredients, sift, etc, no. But it’s absolutely simpler to (a) pour the dry mix from a box (b) add wet © make pancakes. shrug


It depends on how often you use said ingredients. Flour can and will go bad, as will baking soda/powder.

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All rice cookers have timers

No they don’t. None of the rice cookers I have had (first one bought close to forty years ago, most recent one bought about two years ago.) have timers.

You can buy such things here [1] too. But I do agree it seems unnecessary.

[1] Norway.

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Unless you are keeping it somewhere rather damp and not properly sealed those last ages, at least many months.

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The flour can go bad, but i make pancakes almost every weekend so that’s generally not a worry for me and i don’t buy a ton of it. Baking soda/power however will last a long time if properly sealed

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I’ve never made pancakes from a mix, and probably won’t ever, but Jiffy cornbread mix was my jam in college. Costs next to nothing, and you can’t fuck it up.

I have never heard of buying pre-baked potatoes. I mentally substituted powdered mashed potatoes for pre-baked potatoes. Powdered mashed potatoes are indeed an abomination.

I honestly expected one of the first five comments to be “Blimp style pancakes? Americans can eat a whole stack of those hurr durr”


I’m not down with leaving raw eggs overnight.

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Rice Cooker (An adapted comment Haiku)

Our old rice cooker,
In college it got moldy,
We threw the thing out


So much depends

A moldy rice

Inside the

Beside the used


Damn, ninja’ed again!



Which is fine, no judgement really. Plenty of people seem to enjoy Eggos as well but i don’t care for them.


Bonus points for William Carlos Williams though.

I have thrown out
the rice cooker
that was in
the backyard

and which
you were probably
going to clean

Forgive me
it was moldy
so nasty
and so gross


I’ve bought frozen hash browns for recipes that need pre-shredded potatoes, because when comparing them, the price ended up being nearly identical, and it saved me the hassle of shredding a big pile of potatoes.

I make mashed potatoes all the time and think my recipe is the bomb (no modesty there) but at times I’ve also bought the refrigerated (not frozen) Bob Evans pre-made mashed potatoes. They’re pretty cheap and are surprisingly good. My parents default to them now because they’re way better than what they can do from scratch.

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Trader Joe’s makes some pretty good frozen mashed potatoes. One of those things that are nice to have on hand when you get lazy. For instance, I prefer to make mac and cheese from scratch but I still keep boxes of Annie’s in the pantry because it’ll keep and sometimes I can’t be bothered to do much more.

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Pretty much anything frozen from Trader Joes is surprisingly good. When my rice maker broke, I became a fan of their frozen rice – which sounds goofy, but in three minutes you can have excellent brown or jasmine rice with zero hassle. Their frozen pastries are worthwhile as well.


I couldn’t get the pre-made mashed potatoes to even remotely compare to the real deal. Real mashed potatoes should be thick, fluffy, buttery, and a little lumpy. Mashed potatoes from the box have been a thin, oily, homogenous textural nightmare IME.

Leftover Cake? How can cake be “left over”? There is “cake that will be consumed now”. And possibly, “cake that will be consumed a little later.”

Tell me more of this “Leftover Cake”

Yes. The beauty of always having a box that will make a meal out of the box’s contents and some cold water is not to be glossed over. Many a time when a trip to the store was delayed just a few days too many and the box of Store-brand Pancake mix saved the day.