Here's a simple recipe for making Japanese style fluffy pancakes

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So basically they are steamed pancakes that take 45 minutes to make.

They look delicious, but I’ll stick to my electric skillet. Because I’d like to actually eat more than 1 in an hour and a half


Wasn’t there a thread (or a section in the Happy Mutants Food thread) a couple of weeks ago?


I saw the recipe and thought “why, I could easily make and eat 45 regular pancakes in that amount of time!”


I used a recipe calculator and entered the ingredients for one of these: 1572 calories and 1/4 cup of sugar… . Wow.


This is basically the rice cooker version of the fluffy “Dutch baby/German” pancake that I make in a cast iron pan in the oven in about 15 minutes… I guess it makes sense if you have a rice cooker but not an oven (or heavy pan), but that’s about it.


If its not made in a pan, is it even a pancake? Sounds like a plain old cake to me…

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don’t go down the overly literal food naming rabbit hole, or next we’ll be calling soy milk “almond drink”


My rice cooker is fine for cooking rice without me paying much attention, but doesn’t have a timer. It would be useless for this.

My Oma (München, Augsburg) used to make pfannkuchen by separating the egg whites from the yolks, beating the whites until “stiff peak” stage, then folding in the beaten yolks. Cooked it in a cast iron frying pan with plenty of butter.

No flour used. Lots and lots of jam–she liked strawberry–in the middle. Roll it up to serve. Very puffy but not like an American pancake with flour(s) and risers (baking powder/soda etc.). She was very emphatic about making sure the whole thing got dusted with powdered sugar too.

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Oven. 350F. 10 minutes. Same result.

Works great in a baking sheet, cake pan, muffin tins, etc.

Yes, there was.

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