The Eggo you wanna l'Eggo: A frozen Sausage, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich, reviewed (F)

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Been there, done that.

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Things I Don’t Miss?


The important thing is, you lived.


Mmm they sound good.


I recommend a Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

I love mine, and use it often. The only difficulty is finding the right kind of sausage to put on it (not much of a problem for me; I just use back bacon).

Jason Weisberger, The Blogger that lived.


So, in 15 years, he’ll be The Chosen One?

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Well, for what it’s worth, it does say MAPLE FLAVORED on the back. They’re frozen waffle versions of McGriddles, which are maple flavored pancake-things with savory stuff inside. I don’t like those, either.


I would advise that you make your own. it’s pretty easy.
Spend an hour or two on a Saturday morning and make some up. They freeze pretty well and thaw/re-heat decently in a microwave. I make up six at a time if I’m doing a batch, simply because that’s what the smallest package of mufffins contains.
a package of English muffins
6 frozen sausage patties (I buy the store brand in the frozen aisle)
a half-dozen eggs
six slices of cheese

You’ll also need:
a toaster or toaster oven
a plate with paper towels on it to absorb grease from the sausage patties
depending on how you cook the sausage and eggs, you can do it either in a microwave or a cooktop.
for cooking the eggs, either a round form (or set of round forms), or an “Egg n Muffin Breakfast Pan” microwave cooker from NordicWare.
sandwich bags

Start with the eggs, they’ll take the longest. for microwave, about 45 seconds using the Nordicware cooker, or low heat on a skillet with the round forms. Cook all the eggs up to your preference (I scramble them), and set them on a warm plate.
toast the english muffins after splitting them.
Cook the sausage according the package.
Assemble the sandwiches: From bottom to top: muffin half, egg round, cheese, sausage patty, muffin half. Put the assembled sandwiches in sandwich bags, and place in the freezer. (I usually do this to five of the six, and eat the last one. :slight_smile: )

To thaw and re-heat:
take out of sandwich bag, wrap in paper towel.
Microwave on “defrost” (or 30% power if your microwave doesn’t have a defrost setting) for one minute thirty seconds, flipping over after 45 seconds
cook on full power for 30 seconds, flip, and 20-30 seconds more- your times may vary depending on how powerful the microwave is.


where’s the picture of the actual product? why just the box?

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Jason & Kevin & Ursula Eat Cheap?

Maple syrup? Yum.

Maple flavor? WTF.

My cat has a vitamin supplement goo. It’s maple flavored, which doesn’t make sense at all. Maple flavor never makes sense to me.



McGriddles cloy - an original Egg McMuffin (not sausage - yuck) on the other hand - YESH!


  • Jason doesn’t know to read ingredient boxes for foods he hasn’t bought before and…
  • He likes to buy terrible pre-made food
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I tried a McGriddle–tried, didn’t finish–and after two bites I began questioning my own national identity. I feel absolutely no allegiance to any nation whose people would happily encourage the existence of that abomination.


So when do they go on sale in the Boing Boing store?

I kid. I kid.

waggles cigar

I’ll see myself out.


The back of the box clearly commands you to try all of the flavors. Did you? Might be a winner in the bunch yet.


I never could get Eggos to heat properly in a toaster. Always came out tepid and kinda mushy

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