Breakfast Sando showdown: Sausage, Egg and Cheese biscuits compared

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This is just unacceptable.


The only time I have one of these is when I’m traveling and in a rush. I don’t eat these out of joy, only necessity. So, just looking at one stresses me out.


I usually have some Jimmie Dean sandwiches in the freezer, for when I don’t want to make breakfast or eat healthy.


I’m almost never up when breakfast is being served (I work until 3am) but if I do the go to order is two sausage egg muffins, one hash brown, some ketchup. Break the hash brown in two, stack it inside the muffin with ketchup. I kinda kills the point of “fast” food because I have to park to build them, but they are a tasty treat.


The Sausage Egg McMuffin is the best chain breakfast sandwich, period. Although I don’t know what “manufactured flavor” is, outside of, you know, putting spices and seasonings in the sausage patty. I myself have perfected breakfast sandwich manufacture in my own kitchen, as I tend to feel like something’s missing if I don’t have a substantive meal in the morning, and cereal often just doesn’t cut it. One pan, one toaster oven, one breakfast sandwich in 20 minutes or less.


My recent favorite has been scrambled egg topped with black bean and corn salsa, served in a warm corn tortilla. For the fast foods, though, biscuits always beat muffins.


I am almost embarrassed to report – both as someone that has never liked McDonald’s, and as someone with a whole host of fancy places near me that do breakfast sandwiches – that McDonald’s egg and sausage is close to the pinnacle of perfection for me.

In my breakfast sandwich I want grease, salt, and spice, and McDonald’s succeeds in delivering that in just the right ratios.

I’ll still go to my local fancy places where the sandwiches are $9 and the auto-selected tip is 20%, but that’s for the atmosphere and the better coffee, not for the sandwich itself.

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Yep. Them’s fightin’ words!

There are a lot of crappy biscuits out there, though. Which is weird for something that’s so easy to make well.

See, all this tomfoolery is cos y’all don’t eat bacon sandwiches, and I have absolutely no idea why not.


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Nope. Nice, but not the same:

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TBH, i’d totally prefer yours!
you can keep the tim horton’s coffee, though, i take my tea iced and unsweetened.

Oh yeah, a crappy biscuit is a bad start to the day. Many, but not all, biscuits can be salvaged by what else you’re serving them with. You could make a sandwich or you could top them with jelly/jam/preserves, gravy, or syrup. Biscuits are versatile.

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Coffee? Coffee?!?! That, Sir, is no cup of coffee. It is builder’s tea :face_with_monocle:

It’s not available at fast food places, but when you move to New Jersey, you will quickly encounter the pork roll (or Taylor ham if you’re in North Jersey), egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. I tried one. I was unimpressed. Pork roll is reminiscent of Spam, but not as good.

Taylor ham (aka pork roll) + kaiser roll FTW


I am a huge fan of the McMuffin, but the sausage one I had to give up; even in my 20s it was instantaneous heartburn and I eventually figured out I just had to give up the peppery grease for a dry slice of ham.

I was alarmed by the headline because you can’t call something a breakfast sandwich showdown and not include english muffins, wheat bread, croissants, sourdough, etc. Biscuit is the worst of all options because you take a bite and bam crumbs all over and the sandwich starts falling apart.


You need a good rolled biscuit for a breakfast sandwich. They hold up better, but there won’t be much chew to them.

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