Breakfast Sando showdown: Sausage, Egg and Cheese biscuits compared

Also, where is Lorne sausage in all this???

You betcha. Another reason to go English muffin at McD’s instead of biscuit is getting a real steamed egg and not folded egg packed with preservatives.

I make 'em at home more often than takeout. Usually I’m lazy and make a fried egg in the same pan as the Jones sausage. Sometimes I go poached or use the round mold to fry/steam in the pan, but you don’t get much melt on the cheese that way.

Of course you can’t ignore the hash brown. Simplot frozen patty, smeared with tallow and sprinkled with Crystal salt, cooked in the air fryer.

A cafe nearby makes their own pastries and has a bacon gruyere sandwich on croissant that is perfection.

As a life long North Carolinian I can’t believe they fell for the hype of Bojangles. Much like KFC I imagine it was all much better +30 years ago. The only thing they do consistently well are the chicken supremes. If you are going to pick a place for a breakfast sandwich why not Biscuitville? No seriously, they only do breakfast and lunch and most of them have a breakfast following verging on Chik-fil-a levels of cars lined out of the parking lot.

I will say that McDonald’s is consistent, but as I’ve gotten older they do tend to give me acid reflux. If I’m going for a fast food type of breakfast sandwich I’ll typically get a CFA chicken, egg, and cheese on muffin. That will keep me full for the next 6 hours.

Their Turkey and egg-white “delight” version is surprisingly low-cal and still satisfies the urge for me when I need an emergency breakfast sando

My breakfast sandwich vehicle of choice right there, with bacon egg and cheese.
I do like the McD S/E/C biscuit, but should you ever find yourself at a dunkin, try their Sweet Black Pepper Bacon on a croissant. Nothing else like it! It’s divine

I won’t turn down a sandwich, but smothered in sausage gravy is the vastly superior way to eat a biscuit.

English muffins are awful. Biscuits are okay. But for a really good breakfast sandwich, I have to go with the croissant: Solid enough to hold it’s shape, plus you get the flaky, buttery thing which doesn’t go all crumbly when hot, but holds together long enough to melt in your mouth.

Sausage AND bacon. American cheese.

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Agreed all around- I’ll eat an English muffin with just some butter, but it’s too toothy to make a good sandwich; doesn’t meld with the filling.

Biscuits with gravy are perfect since it doesn’t matter if it’s crumbly, in fact the crumblier the better!


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