Chess grandmaster Nigel Short: "men 'hardwired' to be better chess players than women"

You may have just proved the point. :wink:

My mind wants to read that as “chess chump” for some reason.


Chess teaches you discipline, concentration, attention to detail, forward planning (doh!) and many other useful skills.

Chess for the no professional is like a gym for the brain, which is why many people like it: if keeps that big organ in the top of your head entertained and fit.

Only somebody that has never played chess could disparage it in such terms.

I like how you managed to shit on women, chess players, and female chess players all in one paragraph. I don’t even play chess, yet I still find this sentiment incredibly arrogant.


Oh please, there are many people that produce zilch from a practical point of view, any sports person or artist could fit your snide definition, but still make a legitimate honest living.

Some chess grandmasters can make a living out of playing chess, the enormous majority have another profession or chess related parallel activities to get an income good enough to lead a normal lifestyle.

Anyway, since when it is an obligation do earn a living by doing things deemed “beneficial to humanity”? To me it reads like you where rubbish at it and now the only escape vale you have for you frustration about it is to rubbish the game.

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What are you even talking about? I meant that it’s arrogant (not to mention juvenile) to assume that something is useless just because you happen not to like it. Among other things, it’s disrespectful to the people who do make a living by it.

I realize you were probably trying to be funny in that comment, but you just come off as rude.

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And yet, here you are…