Chevy's 200-mile electric car will be $5k less than Tesla Model 3

If the Volt is any guide, by the time it gets to market it will end up way fuglier and cost 5-10k more.

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I’m pretty sure the accessories (a/c, radio,etc) are powered by a standard 12v system independent of the drivetrain system.

Well maybe…but not relevant. There is a “standard” 12V circuit, but the energy to keep that system charged needs to come from somewhere. The only souce of energy is the main battery. A/C will affect range, for sure.

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0-60mph in 3.2 seconds (Tesla P85D) is more than “zippy”!

Zippy is fine (yow!) but a lot of us who live up north need a car with the drivetrain and ground clearance to handle snow. When I see an EV version of my Subaru Forester, I’ll check it out.

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The Chevy will cost $2,500 before rebate

and 2.5x uglier!

Car that is not yet released or priced may be more (or possibly less) expensive than a different car that has yet to be released or priced.

Did I get that right?

Am I supposed to be pleased, outraged, or confused?

You commute 400km each way? That must really suck.

At that price, I’ll order two! Where do I sign, Mr. Cummings?!

I am also unfortunately in the no-garage sector, with unassigned parking, so no guarantee I could charge in front of my home.

There’s probably a weight limit where more battery doesn’t improve range enough to matter.

I’m sure the next car I buy will be a hybrid, and Prius seems to have the most on the road, though the Insight was the original king of mpg, with some actual users pushing to 99. I’d drive a new Insight if it looked exactly like the old one.

People seem to forget or fail to mention that the Volt is not powered solely by batteries. It’s a gas-electric. It has a much, much larger range than 200 miles, and you don’t have to stop to recharge it. Anyone for whom those qualities are important will scoff at the difference in cost.

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I’d opt for the confusion.

This is about the Bolt, not the Volt, no?

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Lol! I thought Bolt was a typo. Sorry!

You might well ask why Chevy decided to go with two car names separated by a single letter (that are adjacent on a keyboard, too), though.

No chance of any confusion there, nosireeebob!


“Colt” was taken.

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Thank you!

I think the correct answer is “cynical”, or “skeptical”. Maybe even “doubtful”.