Chevy's 200-mile electric car will be $5k less than Tesla Model 3

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Does the Volt Electric use many recently undefended patents? :slight_smile:

A couple things:

  1. The $35k (supposed) price on the Tesla is before any rebate/credits.
  2. It’s a Chevy.
  3. See #2.

The “CHEVY” part is the big “IF” here…


Why not a MUCH cheaper version with 100 mile range? A family’s second vehicle could have a 100 mile range with minimal issues


Thanks for this. I’m trying to find a source to confirm your first point. Can you help?

The more electric cars, the better - we already have Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius - but I’d switch the Prius for a full electric if there were more charging stations in my area (northern New Jersey)

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SO good! When I worked on some new cell phone technology, I learned that competition is huge. If you are creating a whole new category of product, you don’t want to be the only company doing it. I know it seems counterintuitive, like you would want a monopoly, but what is going to drive you forward with no competitor? You need another company coming out with something that is different and then pushing you to respond. And then you get into some kind of escalating tech war and that’s when the technology matures.

And you need products that are in a big range of prices, a low end and a high end. We need Chevies and Teslas. And maybe a Toyota would be nice too.

Well done Tesla in opening up all your patents and bravo to Chevy for taking the initiative to try something new.


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Here’s Mashable quoting Elon Musk:

Elon Musk says Tesla Model 3 will be $35,000 — without tax incentives

It’s cute by I wonder why so much glass? Added weight, added parking lot heat…hope it’s an option.

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Psychology. A lot of people are reluctant to purchase a vehicle where where they would be nervous about running out of charge. They will want a HUGE buffer of charge above their everyday needs. If you get edgy when your phone shows less that 90% charge, and compulsively plug it in whenever you can (even though you know it will last the rest of the day), you’re one of those people. I know I am.


Yeah, and using that A/C ain’t gunna do much for the range.

It looks like a Noddy car. Similar to the i3 in some ways. I hope the Model 3 from Tesla looks like a nice car (like the Model S does).

The orange one is a concept. Don’t get too hung up on cosmetic details, as they’re likely to change.

200 mile? I need an 800 km electric car. The mile -> km exchange rate isn’t that good yet.

I can’t help but think that psychology is augmented/encouraged/created by the the traditional car manufactures in order to sell the larger batteries or worse the range extending gas motors for part sales when they break down.


I would like to buy an electric car, but I don’t have a house or garage so charging it would be difficult.

Oh well, my credit is so shot to hell I wouldn’t qualify for a loan anyhow.

I have Chevy’s EV version of the Spark. They are leasing at $0 down, and $139 per month. Range is about 85 miles, so it wouldn’t make a good only car for me, but we have several cars and 85 miles is good enough for a huge percentage of our trips.

Being EV changes the car from a dog to a hoonable car. At about 7 seconds to 60mph, it’s reasonably quick. It will even spin the tires a bit when you mash the “gas” at 20 mph. So far, I’m getting about 5 miles per KWH, which works out to about 2 cents of electricity per mile.


This is what a lot of people simply do not comprehend - electric cars (not golf carts and those old things your grandma’s neighbor used to slog around in) are actually quite zippy.