Chicago offers to give Amazon back the taxes its workers pay

You mean you care about people? Yeah that’s a business unfriendly attitude there. Gotta more be Scrooge-like.


I’d be the first and only billionaire CEO still driving the same Subaru Outback, living in a modest home, and shopping at the local supermarket with coupons.

I would make one change in my life…I would have a personal jet and avoid flying commercial as much as I could. That is the one area I would put money to from a luxury perspective. I’d just rather employ a flight crew/staff myself and take care of them than spend money filling the craptastic airlines corporate pockets.

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Peasants with no rights = serfs.


Well, most citizens get screwed, but the politicians who make it happen somehow end up with a lot of nice things and get invited to the best parties, but it’s totally not bribery or even sucking up to the rich, totally not even though it totally looks that way totally.


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