Chicken salt, with and without chicken

Ethan Stowell? Tom Douglas?

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But is it better than Spike?

How well do you know these friends, @jlw!?


I like it better than Spike. Spike was never a favorite of mine.

Roguelike open-world games, roguelike ingredients (chicken salt, lich ectoplasm, xan claws, cockatrice beaks) roguelike gardening… 12 arrows through a tomato is the new raw.


I’m the sucker who actually tried to make the Lucky Peach recipe. Chicken skin doesn’t pulverize very well. It is super tasty but might not have been worth all the work.


This is a very weird article for an Australian to read. Chicken salt is something you sprinkle on junk food. To treat it as an exotic and exciting new ingredient hurts my head.


Since you’re here, can you explain why, if it is meant to be sprinkled on junk food (or even chicken), it is useful for it to be vegan?

One word: chips.


I really, honestly enjoy articles like this. Chicken salt may be common to many, but I’ve never heard of it.

@jlw can I write a guest article on popcorn made with coconut oil and nutritional yeast? (Aka the food of the gods)


Vegans aren’t allowed to eat junk food?

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One of the things I like to do with B-grade prosciutto is bake it till it gets crispy, and then use it like crumbled bacon.

I think I am going to try my hand at prosciutto-celery salt.

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Most Australian OTC chicken stock powder is also vegan. Is that different to the rest of the world?

Normally there’s some chicken in it. Maybe I’m not understanding what “vegan” means.

Maybe the chickens were vegans.

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It’s crazy to eat a pillow of chips.


reminds me of @japhroaig’s salt w/o salt


Every time I see an article that involves crisping, chopping, or pulverizing chicken skin, I’ve learned to avoid it. That stuff is a ridiculous hassle to deal with. There’s better ways to get chicken-y flavor (like chicken salt or bouillon).

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Nuh uh… you need two words - hot chips (fries for all you Yanks on here).

Also, as an Australian, this is the only chicken salt I’ve ever seen sold here:

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