KFC To Test A Vegetarian Fried Chicken, Will Still Use The Colonel's Secret

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I won’t eat there now, but I would try this. And if it replaced real chickens entirely, I’d eat there all the time.


Calling it ‘chicken’ seems a bit rich, but I’m actually kinda curious about this. That said, I was curious about the Double Down, too, but managed to restrain myself.

Pretty sure they need a better tagline than “Now you can support the industrial-scale deaths of chickens in a backhanded way by eating our Chicken Substitute!”

They best be cooking it in a separate fryer, too.


At least with tofu nuggets, you won’t have to wonder which part the nugget came from.

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Aw man, why did it have to be KFC UK?

I love fried soy products.

Quorn (especially when breaded/fried) is a pretty good simulation of chicken. Season that with the 24 Herbs & Spices (aka. MSG and pepper), put it on a bun with lettuce and mayo, and most people wouldn’t know the difference.

The faux chicken made by Gardien is really good, too. They had a booth set up at the Epcot Food & Wine fest last year with vegan chicken and my skeptical meat-eating friends were all sold.

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Meat substitutes attempt to replicate the texture and flavor of the meat, and it’s those things that drove me to stop eating the land animals when I was 11 (long time ago now, Reagan was president).

Now, if they were to batter and deep fry firm tofu in the same manner they fry the chicken, I’d try it once, after several pints of beer.

Honestly, simulated meat in my experience, is never all that much like actual meat. I say let meat be meat and let vegetables and stuff be what they are.

I love vegetables but a chicken-fried hunk of potato isn’t going to be a hot seller at KFC. I think in this context, faux chicken (whether soy, pea, or some other sort of protein) makes by far the most sense. The object with things like this or Beyond Meat is to give people who’re used to eating meat an acceptable, healthy, animal-free, familiar-tasting alternative, not to teach them that they should eat vegetables instead.

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