KFC disputes gentleman's claim that he was served a deep fried rat

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“Tastes like chicken!”
Which is more than I can say for KFC.


Oh hell. Considering all options? President Bush taught us what that means: smart bombs, shock and awe, tens of thousands of troops. KFC may expect to be greeted as liberators but I expect a long hard conflict.


Another hoax, just like the Wendy’s “finger in the chili” scam. That woman got sentenced to 9 years, but it was reversed on a technicality. But she’s back behind bars for 2 years on another charge. Good riddance.


Says man who purchased fast food.

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Just like all hoaxes along these lines - if it was actually a rat, one could quite easily prove that by taking the breading off a little bit at a time (hell, even taking a video! This is the era of YouTube, after all, we all have HD camcorders in our pockets) and showing the rat in question. Failing to do so, and instead just showing something deep fried “in the shape of a rat”, immediately gives it away as a hoax.

I wonder if the original poster of the hoax is even the person who took the photo.


For take-out chicken, I’d put Pollo Campero at the #1 spot, but not everyone is lucky enough to live where it’s available. And I’d put KFC at the 2 spot, for their original recipe.

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Hahaha, I’m happy the lengths people will go to to amuse me, and the corporate responses just make it better.

Oh noes, is he refusing to coop-erate with tha chicken po-po?

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Ah, but what if a dictator forbids you to take off the breading, and you can’t see your chicken, only other peoples’ chickens, and they all have green eyes, but some rats also have green eyes…


s’alright, chicken, rat, whatever, I’m here for the breading anyway


He got the “mouse’s pappa”, all right…

That’s not a breaded tail, it’s just some intestine. o.O

Almost looks carefully worded to avoid libel. Notice the error-filled, all-caps hoaxer does not state that it was a rat, just “in a shape of a rat with a tail.” Real chicken can get “very hard and rubbery” if it’s under a heat-lamp for a while, or if the consumer eats it much later.

How about this version instead: “DON’T EAT FAST FOOD! I WENT TO KFC YESTERDAY AND BOUGHT A 3PIECE CHICKEN TENDER. AS I BIT INTO IT I NOTICED the levels of fat and sodium on the nutritional information pamphlet I picked up. Also I saw the workers preparing chicken in the back by DEEP FRYING IT IN OIL!!! I’VE BEEN FEELING good EVER SINCE but my doctor and my nephrologist have recommended cutting back severely.”


This is also the era of cheap, rapid, gene sequencing. Even if you removed the visibly rat bits, ground it up, cut it with 90% actual chicken, and breaded it with extreme prejudice it would still be relatively trivial; and probably even surprisingly cheap, to smell the rat(or, as is likely, in the absence of rat, you could probably get a full genome sequence of the chicken for less than the defamation lawsuit).

That’s what allowed the British/European ‘mysteriously horsey ground beef’ issue to be identified, despite industrial ground meat being about as well homogenized as one can stomach.

I’m very much in favor of proper food safety standards; but those usually concern either the microbes or the toxicologically-dubious ingredients; not sensational claims that you could; but mysteriously won’t, trivially prove.


Is someone gonna tell him that rats aren´t made of meat all the way through?


If the purported victim actually got a rat, he’d probably be suing KFC rather than posting in all caps about his outrage.

For some reason, this brings back fond memories of being in high school band, playing at football games. Whenever the guys selling “Peanuts! Popcorn! Crackerjack!” would come close, the trumpet section would start yelling, “Rats on a stick! Get your rats on a stick here!” Drove them nuts, so to speak.

I’d eat it.


The Kentucky Fried Rat has been circulating as an urban legend since at least the 1980s. The first version I heard involved buying a bucket of KFC to eat at a drive-through, and one person in the car complaining their chicken “tasted funny”. The cab light is turned on, only to reveal…

So yeah, of course it’s a hoax, except now with photos.

It kind of makes me sad, though, because it’s a reminder of how our sense of history is being erased. For me, this is right up there with the twentysomething who thought typewriters were invented in the 1960s.

I mean, ye gods, there are people old enough to vote who haven’t heard of the Kentucky Fried Rat before now? [looks gloomily into her glass of Ovaltine, signals the barkeep]

Edit: here’s the Snopes article, which dates the legend back to at least 1976: http://www.snopes.com/horrors/food/friedrat.asp


That would make them a…wait for it…chick-tator.

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The creepiest thing about the whole story is that freaky .gif of Col. Sanders … :scream:

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