Woman expresses her displeasure at KFC


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but I have no further information.

Roger That!


I can relate, having gone to a KFC a few times, only to find out that they didn’t have any chicken available. But those branches all closed.


“Come to think of it, they didn’t have any KFC signs anywhere and I’m not even sure they were ever KFC restaurants to begin with…”


I saw humans finger licking in the background.


I like the part of her spirit that stands up for herself and is engaged. Minus a million points for implementation


I can relate, having been to KFC a few times and actually eaten their food.


Honesty can be so cruel.


A dewormer may be in order, Sir or Madam.


It’s been a couple decades. Do you think I’ll be ok…?


You made it this far. I’m going to give you two thumbs up!


Phew! Also, I’m giving you two thumbs up right now


Isn’t it called “KFC” now and not “Kentucky Fried Chicken” on account of what they serve is not actually chicken? I think that’s the urban legend, anyhow.


OK, this may be way off, but hearing her say “you fokken retahded” makes me think this happened in my neck of the woods (i.e. New England.) Although she might be from elsewhere and is mocking that common N.E. phrase.


I got the impression from my visits that serving food to customers was not high on the priority list of the employees.


The KFC near my house turned into a Los Betos, the hermit crab of Mexican restaurants in Arizona. But it’s pretty empty too. Everyone makes lines out the door for the new ramen shop across the street.


The urban legend I’d heard about that was that the state of Kentucky objected to the old name as they didn’t want to be associated with them any more than Col. Saunders did.

According to Snopes though, it’s really because in 1990, Kentucky decided any business with Kentucky in their name had to pay large fees for the right, and rather than fork out the cash, they just changed their name, alongside the former Kentucky Derby, and several other things that used to have Kentucky in their names.




Oh dang! I misread that as “dweomer” and was all “Huh! I didn’t know Papasan played D&D!”