KFC chicken shortage blamed on DHL


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Chicken. More complex than you’d think.


Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

A. Because DHL couldn’t find the right address.


But what do undelivered DHL parcels taste like?




Not a word about the union angle and the relentless drive for more profit… slack.

It’s just not punny, dammit.


See also (not embedding images) https://www.flickr.com/photos/usahomans/albums/72057594095177381


This is a real ad.


Is this how they plan to compete with Amazon Key, but instead of delivering packages indoors, they just dump the delivery van?


They need to call in ■■■■■ Von Lipwig.

Deutsche Post DHL Group just can’t compete with golem service.

Update - why is Mo ist being blocked?


Beat me to it - kudos :joy:


Funnily enough, all week I have been trying to persuade DHL to deliver a mysterious package they claim to be trying to deliver from the Netherlands (I work from home, and they keep saying I wasn’t in without trying the intercom or my phone, despite me giving them the access code and saying the driver can just leave it in the lobby).

I worry that at some point I’m going to go downstairs and find 27,000 unrefrigerated chicken carcasses leaned up against my mailbox.


There is an old saying that goes “No one ever got fired for choosing IBM.”

The crucial part of that truism is not the company name being just three letters.


From the Guardian article:

“Police in Tower Hamlets, east London, urged the public not to waste officers’ time by complaining about closed KFC stores.”

It’s good to know the USA doesn’t have a monopoly on “Florida Man” mentality.


The only thing worse than being and animal bred and raised for slaughter is to have your carcass then be left to spoil because people don’t care about it.



They wanted ■■■■■ Von Lipwig, they got Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler.

Chicken Inna Bun, anyone?

Edit: Hey, you’re right! M-O-I-S-T is blocked!


DHL, the loosest ship in the shipping business.


Watch your language, people!


Honestly, these logistics companies are all the same, and they occupy the same circle of hell as airlines. They exist somehow in spite of themselves, are incredibly hostile to their customers, and none of them are any better than the other. It’s hard to welcome the galactic monopoly that that is amazon, but no one will shed a tear for these logistics companies when they are obliterated by someone better.