Chimp enjoys a soapy shower, then brushes teeth before bedtime kiss

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He looks happy and very loved.


Back of her shirt says “Stay Wild”?

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Once again, chimps are NOT pets. Sigh


…I do not know why the chimpanzee is being “taken care of” by a human. But I very much agree that these wonderful and intelligent animals should not be held as pets, i.e. made to perform human-like to look funny.


Came to post that “exotic animals” including apes should not be pets. Not sure if this is such a situation, but bb editorial should be doing research when considering posting such things.

Others beat me to it, I see! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if something was wrong with the camera operator. Were they having a seizure? Detoxing from too much booze? the shaking cam and zooming was disturbing.

Perhaps they were in the process of fighting off another, decidedly less-friendly, chimp…


Yeah, as much as I enjoyed the video itself, I really wish there were some context explaining why the chimp was living this way at all.


There is a story in Esquire from Nov 11, 2009 entitled “The Worst Story I Ever Heard” that recounts a tale of a chimp attack. If you are interested, you can find it yourself. It is grim and sad on every level, for both human and chimp. What I have learned from this and other such accounts is this: Make a list of which of your body parts might fit in the mouth of a chimpanzee. During an attack, they will eat all of them and in very short order. :neutral_face:


Yeah it’s my understanding that a lot of human/chimp relationships begin this way and then take a tragic turn when the chimp reaches maturity and the instinct to challenge others for physical dominance kicks in.

I saw a documentary that featured a man who had gone to visit the chimpanzee sanctuary where he was forced to surrender the ape which had once been a beloved member of the family. Among other horrific injuries he left the sanctuary missing most of his face.


Her shirt says MyrtleBeachSafari(dot)com, which seems to be run by Doc fucking-Antle, the baby-tiger-murdering sex-cult-running wild-animal-petting-zoo kingpin from Tiger King. What is this video doing here?


Awww that’s so sweet. I see a woman that’s about to get her face eaten by a chimp in a year or two. People are stupid.


At the very end, just before the Chimp gets his goodnight kiss, I really liked the little tush wiggle he did to cozy down into the bed.


This is not cute at all. This is a highly intelligent creature that is not meant to be a pet, not meant to be taught to perform and be “like a human”, not meant to be someone’s child surrogate.


As nice as the lifestyle seems right now, I echo all other posts about the inappropriateness of having such an animal as a pet. The whole time I kept thinking, that chimp could eat her face off at any moment.
Also, I once dated a guy who had almost as much hair.
Also, if you are going to groom a chimp or ape, I think they prefer baths:

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It’s because chimps are wild animals. This is how it goes with all wild animals that people try to keep as pets.

Once again folks, domestication is genetic. It is not “just be real nice to them when they’re little and they’ll love you forever”. When wild animals grow up, they give very very few fucks about you and sooner or later will always attack you. It happens every time. That animal is a time bomb because it is not domesticated.


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