Chimp with stick knocks drone out of sky




Son of Trunk Monkey.


Suddenly I feel soooo much better about the future.


It’s sort of like 2001: A Space Odyssey, but in reverse.


Mean Monkey Monday returns!


Hilarious! I recognized that Island. This is in a Dutch zoo. They sing the name: “Burger’s Zoo”.
Apparently they saw the promotional potential of this video, serendipitous as it was.


He leads us all by example.


Seems like a perfectly human reaction.


He may be related to the primate featured in “Thus Spake the Chimp with a Stick.

I updated that later to a chimp with light saber:


i did that !! wellll , sort of !!
perhaps , NOT identical ,
but , akin , i would claim , akin
THEME-atticcallyy , if one would ~



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