Drunk, knife-wielding monkey pursues bar patrons


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I didn’t think W had left the country since the end of his last term?


you knew somebody was going to post this video here


I was just about to post that it sounds like something from the simpsons :smiley:


And so it begins…


The monkey was later released to the wild…

What are the odds this monkey has any wilderness survival skills? Like any abandoned pet, it will probably starve until it gets eaten. I have nothing but contempt for people who treat animals this way. Singing “Born Free” doesn’t make it any better. Thank God it ended up in a refuge… maybe.


The fire brigade’s skill set gets ever more impressive :slightly_smiling_face:


I cancelled my travel plans when I heard about the tiny-headed baby virus, but this has totally convinced me to re-book my flight!


A drunk monkey turned “belligerent” at a bar

I apologize for my awful behavior.


Worse, it was always playing “Tubthumping” on the jukebox.


This video is also from Brazil. What’s up with nature arming itself with human weapons over there?


Monkey knows how to wield a knife reverse grip. Be very afraid.


Via the late Bilgemunky podcast:


Not so tasty slathered in Old Bay now, am I?


This is me come Friday’s Happy Hour.


That’s so adorable, he thinks he’s people!


They are just imitating what they see in human culture.


I hate monkeys. They are evil little shits. My wife loves them. When we travel to the tropics we always have the same argument about visiting them too because she thinks they are cute, not vicious creatures with evil brains and operational hands.


I think I feel both ways. They’re cute in the zoo and on youtube, but I really would be uncomfortable encountering one face-to-face. I’d rather have a fence or something between them and I.


The hell you say.