China accuses Trump and Pompeo of 'madness' over tech purge

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A state-run tabloid whose state engages in genocide and slavery has little room to talk about what is and isn’t ‘madness’.




Oh stop with the mouths for eyes thing already. Beyond getting old…




China slams ‘dirty’ USA’s ‘clean network’ plan and reminds world of USA’s ECHELON snoop-fest exposed by Edward Snowden

China has ridiculed the USA’s plan to build a clean network and a coalition of nations who follow it by expunging all Chinese tech and businesses from local telecoms infrastructure.

The criticism came in an interview with China’s foreign minister Wang Yi and state-run media outlet Xinhua .


Yes, of course. And a government run by a narcissistic blowhard with more ethical and economic failures in his life than any other fifty businessmen, in a country with its own long history of genocide, slavery and oppression in the name of economic expansion and profiteering for the rich also has little room to talk about what is and isn’t madness.


China has had its own “clean network” for years.


The sad part is that Trump and Pompeo have left themselves so vulnerable that when the epitome of autocratic regimes says it, people say “you know, they aren’t wrong”. And you can hear the Chinese government snickering whilst the two blowhards fume.

More grown-ups in charge, please.




More grown-ups need to be voting, then.


no fan of china, but has anything trump has done improved things with them? school me

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It’s not about data collection or spying. It’s all about getting embarrassed at his Tulsa rally by a million no-shows.

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China and Iraq want a Biden victory, because 45* is too unpredictable. So they both are going to be doing the same thing Russia and pewtin have been doing since before 2016. It will be interesting to see how “fox news”

There’s a difference between HISTORY and WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! Your defense of China’s genocide is noted though.

Except Dotard isn’t unpredictable he’s pathetically easy to manipulate.

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The link I posted is to a story about our current prison system, which is legal slave labor in the United States. And no, I didn’t “defend” China so much as I reminded folks that we have proven no better, and not even “long ago” as you might want to suggest. Don’t fall for the US “exceptionalism” propaganda. Our government is a fucking shit show and has, in the last six months, allowed 160000 people to die of a preventable disease. All for profits.

The government of Trump is no better and has no ethical footing for their complaints against China, because Trump DOES NOT FUCKING CARE about genocide in China, only that folks used Chinese apps to mock him.

Addendum: not only does Trump not care about genocide in China, he thinks it was “the right thing to do.” I have zero doubts he’d do it here if he could get away with it.


I don’t see the Trump administration committing genocide and creating slave labour camps. Feel free to try and prove otherwise.

Your whole argument seems to be, “bu but Trump!” I really don’t see how that helps the Uyghurs one fucking bit.

Prison = slave labor camp.

Ice facilities = genocide against migrants from central/south America

And as I already gave you a link for, Trump APPROVES of what China is doing to the Uyghurs. He’s complicit.