Nigerian telco says it accidentally routed Google traffic through China


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“I’d tell a BGP joke, but even network engineers don’t understand it.”


So Reuters reports on routers routing wrongly?

(why yes, I am an internet professional, thanks for asking)


So China will be handling all the Nigerian spam-filtering from now on? Cool!


“I’d tell a UDP joke, but you might not get it.”


“Even if I did get it, I couldn’t be sure who told it.”


accidentally routed Google traffic through China

seriously, so fucking what?


China is stealing that’s what.

“A report earlier this year by researchers at the US Naval War College and Tel Aviv University found China Telecom has been hijacking internet traffic passing through the US and Canada on a regular basis.”

“Conveniently, China Telecom has ten strategically placed, Chinese controlled internet ‘points of presence’4 (PoPs) across the internet backbone of North America,” the report stated.

"Vast rewards can be reaped from the hijacking, diverting, and then copying of information-rich traffic going into or crossing the United States and Canada – often unnoticed and then delivered with only small delays." -TheIndependent


The internet is so fucking awesome.


That’s like a line from some sort of alternate universe Bojack Horseman.


I read “Nigerian taco”. I hope you will, too.


I think you may have won for today. :wink:

But to be strictly correct, Reuters writers write reports regarding routers routing wrongly.

(Needs a “Welease Woger!” interpretation, too, I feel.)


still, so fucking what? everybody is “stealing” something from someone in capitalism, right? and you dont really believe in “intellectual proberty”, do you? I dont.


“Would you like to hear TCP joke number 587?”


That’s right comrade. Now, give me all your money.


I`d like to, but I aint got any, cause I already support my neighbors. seriously.

here is my stuff; do whatever you want to do with it, as long something good comes out of it:


Intellectual property or other data being ‘stolen’ may also include your personal data.

So fucking what?


thats right; so the chinese have them now, too. as have the usa, GB, germany and probably russia already. not to mention google, BoingBoing, apple, MS etcetera.


Cool story.


Yes, definitely an accident. It’s unthinkable the Chinese would bribe a Nigerian ISP employee.