China and Japan compare one another to Harry Potter villain


So Voldemort is the new Hitler?

Does this mean Potter’s Law will replace Godwin’s Law on internet forums?


So… which nation is Ron?


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I wonder if there’s a kanji for Horcrux. Probably not.

But the Chinese do have a point - its a little like the way Southerners honor their war dead. Is it possible to honor them without honoring slavery? Seems like the jury is still out on that.

Likewise, Japan has its heroes, who were also war criminals, some of them. Its tricky to honor the fallen without legitimating their crimes. Not exactly Voldemortian, but touchy and complicated.

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Face is the respectability and/or deference which a person can claim for himself from others, by virtue of the relative position he occupies in his social network and the degree to which he is judged to have functioned adequately in that position as well as acceptably in his general conduct. (Ho 1975:883)

With such an intertwined history featuring any number of military actions, it’s a wonder either nation is speaking at all to the other. Let’s all hope this current sabre-rattling is only just that.

Christ what a muggle!

I’m interested in the fact that the Russian press ‘complains’ about the resemblance of Dobby to Putin. It occurs to me that ‘complaining’ might be a way of disguising making fun of Putin without risking your life insurance rising (IYKWIMAITYD). Why else would you keep bringing it up?

This is a situation where both sides are totally fucked. I have seen a Japanese junior high (the end of mandatory education) history textbook, and its sole mention of the rape of Nanking, which was also the sole mention of any Japanese war crimes in WW2 was to mention the “Nanking Incident” once, in passing, with a footnote saying “The Nanking Incident was an episode during the war for which Japan has been strongly criticized by the international community” (Paraphrased.) OTOH, the Chinese communist party, who are still in charge in China, killed tens to hundreds of times as many Chinese as the Japanese did, more recently, during the Great Leap Forward. Until they teach about that in their public education system, nobody in the Chinese government is remotely in a position to be throwing stones at the Japanese. (That is not to say that the situation vis a vis historical education in Japan isn’t fucked up, just that nobody in the CCP is in a position to talk.)


Here in America the high school textbooks rarely (if ever) mention how our government rounded up the Japanese during WW2 either. The point being, I’m pretty sure most governments want to keep as much of their horrible history out of the public schools as possible.


Rounding up Japanese-Americans was a defensive move as there were undoubtedly spies from Japan amongst those. Same with nuking Japan, it only sounds awful when you ignore the surrounding context.

I learned about that in high school history back in the 90s. They made a really bid deal about it. It might depend on where you went to school.

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