China chases Star Trek

Saw this:

(on Netflix in the UK).

Some S.F. Mastworks level grandiosity, but really cool to see a Chinese angle on SF. The cultural references are non-apologetic and very funny, if you can ride with Chinese xenophobia.

It is though very kind of BB.

They talk about a 2,500 year adventure, and by the end of the film they’re 20 years in, so expect numerous sequels.

I predict this will be a major Chinese franchise. It’s worth it.


Do you have any other Chinese sci-fi recommendations? I read the The Three-Body Problem series and it was both fascinating and bleak in a not-really-life-enhancing way.


:frowning: oh dear - I’ve kind of felt that Chinese morbidness and fatalism, sort of translates into nihilism. Which I abhor.

No, but I’m interested and keen.

We have an increasingly educated and focused population, with so much more vibrancy and diversity than the media in the west reports, more people with time to write and invent, and a tech fervour that is extreme.

There’ll be some good stuff coming, I reckon. Not just endless zombie re-makes.

Check out the “movies like this” link on IMDB, and then there’s this (I googled Chinese Science Fiction):

“The dystopias of Chinese science fiction are resonating in a world facing existential threats.”

The awakening is well and truly underway.


Not sure about Europe, but in North America it’s available to stream on Netflix. I just added it to my queue. :slightly_smiling_face:



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Yeah, they’ve done their reading and watching and there are plenty of homages / nods / references to their apparently much admired Occidental brethren

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