Every movie out this holiday season: 'Silence,' 'Star Wars,' 'Doctor Strange,' 'Fantastic Beasts,' 'Assassin's Creed'


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I sure hope Arrival is good. Great cast, great director, and I’m a sucker for well-done movies that have to do with extraterrestrials, because yes, I’m a believer, so goddamn sue me.


Yeah. Getting a Contact vibe from it which is promising. Maybe they’re finally recognising there’s a market for some grown-up science fiction (moon, the martian)* and not just pew-pew lasers. I still enjoy pew-pew lasers!

*In my haste i forgot to add ex machina. And mayyybe high-rise if i’m cheeky? It’s got that set in the past, looking at the future from the pov of the present thing going on.


Oohhh, I can haz plot?


I think i see what you did there. I’m not saying pew-pew lasers doesn’t have plot, star wars has 40 years of plot afterall.


Pew-pew lasers can have a plot. Oogy-boogy Aliens™ can have a plot. Boldly Going can have a plot. Stranded in space can have a plot. Some plots are just better than others.


Right. But i’m talking about something more conceptual that makes me think for more than 5 minutes after i’ve seen it and star wars unfortunately started a trend that lasted a long time and displaced the ideas films of the 70s and earlier - solaris, 2001, silent running etc. It’s just good we’re getting back to that. There’s room for all!


really looking forward to ‘fantastic beats and where to find them.’ since ronald jenkees slowed down i’m really short on funky beats.

oh, what? shoot.


Why “every single major theatrical feature release”? Those are the ones which most people already know about. What I would love is a list of all of the other movies showing during this time, those which aren’t on this list.


I lost my comic book collection in a crooked game at 13. My continual regret: I had that in plastic and card-boarded in 1985! In long boxes, organized, and kept. If I am ever rich in this life, I will buy them back. Think of what they would be worth today? It crushes my capitalist heart everyreadsee.


I’m actually pretty OK with the state of sci-fi, considering things set in the current era are more or less Gibsonian science fiction at this point.

Then you have all the mainstream stuff like Marvel and DC, and shit, yeah, Ex Machina? (Edit: I LIKE Ex Machina, and don’t consider it mainstream. This wasn’t my clearest sentence ever.) I also really liked Looper, and Interstellar, and Oblivion, and, and, and. And yes, High Rise absolutely should be in there. And Mad Max. I mean it really keeps going. It’s not so bad. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s not bad really, it’s had a good resurgence this century. You’re not saying ex machina is shit though? Just so we’re cool! I really wasn’t a fan of oblivion but if we must have a cruise sci-fi film then it’ll have to be edge of tomorrow for me, by some margin. But again not an original idea and adapted from a japanese novel. Speaking of novels, if you want some science fiction for big boys/girls then that’s still the best place to seek it out.


Love Ex Machina. Are you watching Westworld? Fantastic. The Expanse? Really good. 12 Monkeys is even good! And on the written side of things, I happen to think The Peripheral is Gibson’s best work yet (or at least amongst his best). Yeah, I do think it’s a pretty good time for sci-fi.


It’s based on Ted Chiang’s amazing novella “The Story of Your Life,” about a linguist whose understanding of time and causality is changed by her growing understanding of the aliens’ language.


We’re still cool. It’s easy to miss subtlety through text only comms. Yeah, i’m watching westworld and really enjoying it, you can see the gaming influence in that one: we treat NPCs like that all the time in games. But it’s not frustrating like lost was, we are getting little info drops here and there to keep it ticking along. The expanse is an odd one, i did like it and will definitely be watching the second season but i didn’t love it. Still feels like it’s finding its feet but there is such promise in there to be something special i think; i want to learn more about the martian culture in particular.


That’s in one of his story collections, isn’t it? I’ll have to get that before the film.


Yes, one with the title “Stories of Your Life,” I think. It’s a quick read. Serious SF - but not at all pew-pew.


Ah yes, this one - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stories_of_Your_Life_and_Others

Ooh it’s on feedbooks and DRM free.


Half way between the two time periods we did have gattaca and kpax.

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