Star Wars: The Force Awakens just became the highest grossing film of all time in U.S. history


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Does this mean that we can safely assume that it’s ok to discuss spoilers openly?

Or must we wait for those who won’t yell at the screen when Rey said “14 parsecs” ?


Inflation adjusted? How about eyeballs? Lots of much more expensive tickets now, way above inflation increases.

How about international? I read that the BBC Sherlock outsold it 4:1 in South Korea.

Still doubt it’ll pass Avatar.


Well it’s in the article - behind gone with the wind (1.5 billion domestic adjusted) and it’s 22 on the domestic (adjusted) list. International it’s at 1.5 billion and still hasn’t released in china. It has a real shot at overtaking avatar.


“$2.8 billion global haul”

That’s a lot of “force”.


Reading the article before commenting? Pfft. :slight_smile:


Since when is that a requirement?

[note sarcasm]


Some people want to see the horserace as total number of tickets, but I’d like to see it expressed as the percent of existing humans who saw it. There’s a lot more now than 1939!


Did they already announce that it still hasn’t made any profit?
(“Return of the Jedi” was a loss, so was at least one “Harry Potter” movie).


Lol I had to double check that I wasn’t on slashdot… oh wait I have mod points… (wanders off)


Budget: $200 million
Total box office take so far: $1.5billion and counting


So, it’s good and people are talking about it?



After seeing this film, I can finally read that New Republic article:

The Star Wars films aren’t about good and evil. They’re about bad parenting

Thank you oh so much, Jeet Heer.

And now that I finished reading the article, (I had to see the film before actually going on past that most regretable sentence) I can fairly say: the content of the article isn’t worth it. Bad Journalist!


There’s also the time factor. It took some 300-odd days for Avatar to rake in that domestic figure.

Star Wars has done it in 20 days. >.<


I would assume there was a higher proportion of cinema goer back then.


“The Star Wars films aren’t about good and evil. They are about merchandising.”


Though to be fair I have long argued that the real creative geniuses in Hollywood, the world class artists, are the accountants.

So “did it make a profit?” well… what do you want the answer to be?



Hey @NickSay per:

When profit & loss (strictly capital) aren’t primary motivators, we’ll have a good chance at one.


I first saw SWeIV in Paris - it’s just not the same with the Big V being voiced by Gerard Depardieu. Trust me. I don’t recall any of the actors having the same “voice makes the character element” that DV has (it’s a big part of that character) - aside from maybe Lupita Nyong’o’s character?

I wonder if any of this gets lost in the Chinese translation - speaking of, anyone know off hand if it’s a dub or a reader for China? I’m thinking dub just to reach a wider audience - not that they can’t read, just that “readers” are “generally” less popular - but readers keep the original voice acting so, dunno.

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Men’s rights activists declare victory over Star Wars