Cammed copies of Star Wars: The Force Awakens circulate on torrent sites

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Well… yes.


Many Bothans died to bring us this screener.


As Dr Cox said:

I can’t honestly decide whether to say, “Duh,” uh, “Doy,” or a very sarcastic, “Oh, really?”


Disney execs being Disney execs, the lawyers and beancounters don’t understand that the anti-piracy technology was already built in. Unlike most movies, it’s designed to be watched in a theatre on a big screen with an awesome sound system (and non-Dr.-Tongue 3D) surrounded by a big enthusiastic audience. No-one but the most desperate would even waste time downloading a cam version.


The more you tighten your grip, the more pirates will slip through your fingers.


I wanted to see the 55 seconds that I’d missed going to the restroom.


Isn’t it screener season? Do you think they would be so daft as to actually send one out? Y’know, ‘for your consideration’?

considering the quality I think this was made by one of the less popular humorous characters instead of one of the heroes.

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Just… Why? This is Star Wars. In theaters. And it doesn’t suck!

it’s meant to be enjoyed in groups.


Why do people always jump to “torrent sites” as the place where piracy happens?

That’s like assuming anyone drinking coffee is having a Starbucks.


Hell no. I love Star Wars but the geek energy in the theater was frustrating for my experience. The 30+ year old man sitting next to me with his wife and kids next to him was sitting on the edge of his seat in my peripheral vision during the whole movie and excitedly pounding his hands on the table in front of him whenever anything remotely interesting happened. I missed dialogue here and there when he was exclaiming, “yes!” randomly.

I’m definitely seeing it again in a few weeks with a smaller crowd.


The image was angled? But surely you speak hypothetically, since you would never download a file like this, right?
This site keeps calling that “piracy.”

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David Lynch would like to have a word with you, cammers.


That’s certainly true for Lynch’s movies as well as any good sci-fi adventure movie that you haven’t seen before, but I’d argue that a comedy that doesn’t have too many sight gags would be perfectly fine being watched on a small screen.

A backup option for those who want to see it but don’t have the groups, want to be able to discuss it, and don’t want to deal with the theaters alone.

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for someone like me acquiring the first best cam version during the opening weekend is my objective. i’d never pay to watch it in a theater and couldn’t care less about the movie. maybe i’ll watch the cam or maybe i’ll watch a better copy later but there’s good chance i’ll never watch it.

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I’m shocked!


I suspect that everyone involved would make more money by releasing these things online for a small viewing fee.
Limiting the availability of media seems a sure fire way to invite copytheft.


The trouble with watching it in a theatre on a big screen with an awesome sound system surrounded by a big enthusiastic audience is, I can’t take a pee-break, I can’t get a cup of tea, I can’t have a smoke, I can’t adjust the volume, I can’t pause it to take a call, and I’d rather not be surrounded by hundreds of whooping people.
Small screen suits lots of people just fine.