China: Consumerism vs. Ethics

The heart of the matter here is the oppressive Chinese regime that we can’t oppose by sanctions, because our own, wealthy, lives depend on these opppressive actions. Boycotting just this one actress, is pretty insignificant abd fruitless. China is a land of oppression and child labor and few are doing something serious about it. Most are trying to be a hero by boycotting a frigging Disney movie instead. And I’ve been trying to convey this point over and over again in this thread, but I keep getting flagged for it by people who choose to look away. I am willing to risk my BBS membership to get my point through to those consumerist minds of yours.

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I’m a Communalist. Why would you think I am interested in participating in consumerism?

Most of my devices are older than five years old, parts replaced if needed and possible. I have never bought an iphone, second hand or new. I have rebuilt thinkpads from ones that have been scrapped. But no matter how much I reduce and reuse, I still have to function in this world, and in a capitalist world that means buying things sometimes. It doesn’t change that I want to live in a better world


Once you’ve tried to explain something, let’s say, twice, in the same thread, that’s probably enough.

At that point anyone capable of understanding you has got the idea. After that you’re just annoying everybody else. And it’s always possible that you’re wrong.

People don’t have to agree with you. There’s no prize to win by saying the same thing over and over.


So do you think communism can survive as a democracy? I mean, some communist countries have/had some democracy - as long as everyone has the same ideology. But it seemed like only people who were on the same page had a chance of power. Of course, in most democracies there are many competing ideology.

If you are treating Communalism as being the same as the Marxist-Leninist communist states you will come away with the wrong idea. Murray Bookchin was influenced by anarcho-communism, not Marxism-Leninism.

Did you read the articles I linked to? Those give a basic explanation of the ideas involved.


If you live in America you’re a capitalist. End of the story.

I don’t.

Also, bullshit.




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