The predictable dystopian trajectory of China's Citizen Scores


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And in the perfect dystopian footnote, the link to the original article just goes back to the BB summary.


Does what it says on the tin.

For all that I worry we’re entering the “Snow Crash” future, I’d take that over this “Black Mirror” one.


I guess I get why socialists want this. It is a chance to grab more control. But how could this result in anything but creating a united subculture?

I mean once you become one of the bad guys what options would you have except to embrace the bad world they put you in?

In that often sited black mirror episode the woman whose score drops eventually embraces the low score and becomes more like her cell mate who also does not care about the score.

China better hope that the people they force together are not freedom lovers and really are just undesirable. Otherwise I can see this lighting the fuse to their own end when all the “bad” people have nothing left to lose, when they are angry at their unjust losses, and become agressive unlike the rest of the governments groomed timid followers.


Only socialists? You don’t see any capitalists like say… oh, Fuckerberg or the Koch Bros. or any other corporate entity wanting this type of future for us? It’s all about controlling our lives with corporations.


What about the good ol’ US of A? You don’t think it can’t happen here? If the GOP wins the 2018 mid terms and trump is reelected, brace for impact.



Source article.

@doctorow your link is back to the BB article itself… also once again good work with the URL vs article title.


I’m not sure what this is, but I’m quite frightened by it.


It’s the pastels. Pastels are menacing colors.


Blank Reg saw it, 20 minutes into the future.

I’m still waiting for them to hook those Bluetoothbrushes into the Credit Score. “Don’t brush your teeth? Banned from flying!”


Also: being friends with low-scoring people pulls your score down.


Yes, this is Dolly Parton & tRump’s love child.


Widespread deployment of that might not be that bad, though


Oh sure, and that’s what they said about the Bluetooth rectal thermometer.


It’s a still image an animated GIF from an episode of Black Mirror that describes a society organized around social media ranking.
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An episode of Black Mirror called “Nosedive”. It’s the same a similar concept. People rate every interaction with one another. The higher your rating the better life is. Lower ratings prevent you from booking flights, renting cars, etc.


How else would we know when someone’s in hot shit?


That episode did break the mold a bit for a Black Mirror episode where they usually try to show the technology in a positive light first. Instead the episode starts off with Instagram hell and goes down from there.

These citizenship scores are such a match I have to wonder if the Chinese government didn’t take inspiration from the episode. I bet that episode is banned in China.


That’s… a… whatocracy?