China electronics maker will recall some devices sold in U.S. after massive IoT hack


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Telnet and SSH aren’t obscure, really; they’re just old and have been superseded, but still work.
“No school like Old School.”


ssh has been superseded? That’s news. You’re right though that neither protocol is “obscure”.


Just fewer people know what to do with them these days.


Anyone else see the irony? Buying all this consumer crap is basically paying to be hacked by the Chinese. I imagine many consumers used credit and paid interest on the credit - the credit the Chinese own too boot? Priceless.


China owns Visa and Mastercard? This is news to me that they own these credit card companies because they are publicly traded.



I think Krebs is using “obscure” in the sense that they’re not tools which mainstream consumers are readily familiar with. Which, let’s be honest, they’re not.


I’m sure he is. Once I realized it was a Krebs article, I had a better idea of the audience it was written for. I was primarily responding to MadLibrarian’s comment.


These are not webcams! They’re network-attached surveillance cameras.

Why get every granny who webchats with the grandkids all freaked out about their little Logitech webcam.


I think they are also “obscured” from the consumer while still being available to the 'bot. So all in all a pretty good choice of word I think.


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