Home Depot admits massive customer payment data breach


Fuck me, as I change my PIN,

What did you expect, guys? If you don’t want to have your personal information hacked, just don’t use credit cards. The rest of us have a moral right to see and distribute your personal account information.

If you try to stop anyone from distributing your account information and using it for their personal gratification, you’ll be violating their first amendment rights.

Remember, guys: It’s your fault for having account information in the first place.

Just shut up and take it. You deserve it.


That’s what they get for showing that annoying “Barefootin” commercial over and over again. Cramming 5 different races into an unrealistic social scenario will result in your system getting hacked every time.

Uh, if they don’t have your card - with its chip - they can’t do much, even with your PIN, eh?

You do have Chip and PIN, no? Or do you live in one of those backwards countries that doesn’t. Y’know, like those which don’t use the metric system, still have the death penalty, etc…

/I keed!


Yeah, we live in a backwards country. We don’t even have decent broadband!!


By posting that picture of a card reader, you are aiding and abetting the communists terrorists anarchists hackers ____________ (fill in the blank if the bad guy of convenience changes before you read this).

That’s okay, they already re-issued that credit card because it was part of the great Neiman Marcus hack, or was it the great Target hack?

Legal tender is the way to avoid this…

Just don’t carry too much of it at once!

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