Home Depot might pay up to $0.34 in compensation for each of the 53 million credit cards it leaked

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@doctorw read your post title again… I think your brain was going faster than your fingers… all fixed now. :smile:
also we really need much better credit card systems.


Sweet! Now instead of buying that one common steel nail I needed, I can buy a galvanized steel nail!


Sooo it will cost more to print the check and mail it than the sum paid out?


I got an 11 cent check from AT&T for some kind of class action bullshit. I did indeed deposit it, because fuck them. It won’t do me much of any good, but I’m sure they were hoping checks wouldn’t be cashed.


Well my credit card has a High Tech Smart Micro Chip so there! Take that, Russian Mafia!

Also, one lesson here is never sign on to be part of the plaintiff class in a class action suit. They’re always settled for pennies on the dollar, and then the lawyers take the pennies.

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Sooo… Lawyers Win! Whee!

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