China Tariffs are 10% Today 25% Tomorrow

trump didn’t want his base or really anyone else to notice this today so he threw a Rosenstein smoke bomb. Buy your stuff now.




So you basically got yourself 25% VAT like one of those pesky “socialist” countries?
Also, big laugh at cashing in from the consumer to give tax breaks to the rich. Does not a 25% surcharge on Chinese products still mean that Chinese products are much cheaper?

Hmmm… i wonder if theres now a potential market for China-UK then UK-USA man-in-the-middle?

I doubt it long-term with our government actively trying to destroy all trade via a catacylsmic version of brexit at the mo, so a thought experiment for now?

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Is there a list somewhere of what’s covered by these tariffs?

I work with a company that gets hospital equipment and printed goods manufactured in China and imported here, but I don’t know if either is subject to these new tariffs.

“This list of products consists of two sets of U.S tariff lines. The first set contains 818 lines of the original 1,333 lines that were included on the proposed list published on April 6. These lines cover approximately $34 billion worth of imports from China. USTR has determined to impose an additional duty of 25 percent on these 818 product lines after having sought and received views from the public and advice from the appropriate trade advisory committees. Customs and Border Protection will begin to collect the additional duties on July 6, 2018.”

“The second set contains 284 proposed tariff lines identified by the interagency Section 301 Committee as benefiting from Chinese industrial policies, including the “Made in China 2025” industrial policy. These 284 lines, which cover approximately $16 billion worth of imports from China, will undergo further review in a public notice and comment process, including a public hearing. After completion of this process, USTR will issue a final determination on the products from this list that would be subject to the additional duties.”

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Thank you! Looks like whiteboards, printed goods for hospitals, and informational signage are safe for now.

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Imagine prices on a variety of goods being jacked up 25% overnight. Imagine that effect on people who are already living in the margins.

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Annnnd guess who’s going to pay for it?

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