China's online astroturf is mostly produced by government workers as "extra duty"


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“extra duty”

Sounds a lot like “mandatory fun” to me.


I got a shock the other day when something I posted on another forum (against underestimating China) received a ridiculously large number of upvotes. I guessed that this was because it had been found by Chinese astroturfers.

That’s the last positive thing I post about China, because I really don’t want people thinking my views aren’t my own, or are even being paid for. I’m not a politician.


There was a story last week about a report issued by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection:

Art was not directed clearly enough towards socialist aims and political thought not emphasised enough in universities…News propaganda was not targeted or effective enough, especially in the field of new media, where the department had failed to fully implement the principle of “the party controlling the media”…Wang called upon the department to make propaganda appear more valid by enhancing its attractiveness and appeal…The Communist party tolerates no opposition to its rule and newspapers, websites, and broadcast media are strictly controlled. An army of censors patrols social media and many Western news websites are blocked.


I’m working on a deal where Wiseassistan pays me $0.075 for every comment I make online. I’m gonna be rich.


Ooh! Can we test this? If we start commenting about China, will a “new user” try to hijack the thread?

Come on, @Papasan, you can do better! :smiling_imp:


How about making propaganda appear more valid by…I don’t know…improving your society so it becomes true?


But that would be hard! It’s so much easier to pay people to lie and distract the public from the truth. Probably applies to more than just China, that.


The masses have boundless creative power. They can organize themselves and concentrate on places and branches of work where they can give full play to their energy; they can concentrate on production in breadth and depth and create more and more undertakings for their own well-being. The masses are the real heroes, while we ourselves are often childish and ignorant, and without this understanding, it is impossible to acquire even the most rudimentary knowledge.


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