China's pervasive "social credit" scheme is still in development, but already profoundly shaping public behavior


That’s pretty much the case in any authoritarian country, communist or fascist. The new hotness we see here, though, is cutting out the secret police and show trials and letting the “free” market and the do the persecuting and the neighbours do the ostracising. Saves the state a lot of money on gulags and concentration camps, dontchaknow.




Unfortunately, we don’t get an “option” for the “future”… we only get what actually exists.



It’s probably a good thing that we don’t make social decisions about the worth of other human beings, or I’d had been killed at like 13 or so.


Or women, who aren’t considered socially attractive by “alpha” men.


“I’m an orphan. I lost my parents in to a bad Sesame Rating tragedy. They are dead to me.”


This was a great read from late last year. It’s definitely more sinister than a customer loyalty program.


It is a read from 2015.

You did notice that the article compares the chinese rating system to our systems, didn’t you? And that it says that their system is similar to our credit rating + customer loyalty programs?

The systems are similar, but a single difference: the chinese system tells you your rating. With a bad rating in China, you will not get a visa, not get credit, Alibaba won’t serve you, etc… but you know why. With a bad rating in the west, you are put on a no-flight list, don’t get credit and Amazon won’t serve you, but you don’t know why.

But China had running water 4000 years before the west, so maybe they are not as good as we are.:crazy_face:


Oh, so that clearly makes it all ok.



I thought a smiley would do. I need to learn to start my post with a {sarcasm} tag. :doughnut:


With the amount of bad faith trolls around here it can be pretty hard to tell sometimes!

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