China's "ultra-unreal" literary movement takes inspiration from breathtaking corruption


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Isn’t this the sort of thing that gets you 30 years of “house arrest?”


I imagine it depends on how carefully you write it. It’s perfectly safe to target those who have been caught and sentenced. I’ll bet the tricky thing is not saying or implying to much about those who haven’t been caught yet.


Sounds like Bulgakov or Pelevin with Chinese Characteristics.


So postmodernism, then.


Sounds like ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Divergent’, etc. Former eastern bloc societies are not unique in their need for fantasy allegories to deal with present day corruption, anomie and ethical decline.


"1) Writing in the age of the ultra-unreal engages the present situation…

"2) It is philosophically speculative. …

"3) It is has the quality of a fable or an allegory. …

“4) It takes risks. …”

So, science fiction.


english translation when?


Stanislaw Lem?


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