Chinese censor prosecuted for taking bribes to censor remarks companies and government officials disliked

Awwwww butthurt idiot is butthurt.

I’m mean and rude and I disagree with the original post frequently. I’ve been commenting on here for years and years and the only time I got banned was when I (jokingly) made a dupe account of antinous to troll him about sock puppets and dupe accounts. I emailed him and was unbanned instantly.

The only comments that get censored are: off-topic, abusive, sexist, racist, discriminatory, etc. There’s rules here and if you don’t like them you can simply take your pathetic hang-ups and fuck right off. The internet is not a democracy and we don’t have to listen to your stupid opinion here. Just keep complaining, shit-for-brains… it’s going great so far.

bahahahahaha… was this you @Falcor ? I commend the duration of the ban