Chinese censor prosecuted for taking bribes to censor remarks companies and government officials disliked




IT’S JUST ONE BAD APPLE! Honestly, every time there’s a story about corruption, it’s like this…


Once you’ve got a censorship apparatus, people will find all sorts of creative uses for it.

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They are hoping that people don’t remember the saying is ‘one bad apple spoils the lot’.

I’m surprised people even mention it as it explains a lot about business, government and the police.


I guess they didn’t bring on a new censor to censor this story to avoid national embarrassment.


Odd. Boingboing certainly has no problem censoring comments that don’t agree with its leftist socialist progressive agenda, even when they amount to simple disagreement. Much hypocrisy here.

"Misandery" (continued from "Spyware")

Which comment did you have censored in the 7 minutes between joining and this comment?


That is entirely untrue. There are plenty of folks on here who are far from ‘leftist socialist progressives’. Know what they’re not? Assholes. Which is why you can read every comment they’ve ever left on here, as you can those who have (respectfully) disagreed with them.

TL;DR: Haddaway and shite, man.


You sound like you must have acted like an asshole. I’ve left plenty of comments here disagreeing with basic premises of some of the editors that haven’t gotten deleted, and a few that have. The ones that have gotten deleted, by and large, when I’ve looked at them again, I’ve been glad they took it upon themselves to prevent me from making a fool out of myself by acting like an asshole in public. Maybe you should take a closer look at your deleted comments.


As the joke in China goes: He was actually arrested for not taking in enough in bribes to pay off the people above him.


So this person is being prosecuted for simply doing his job?

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Such inefficiency should not go unpunished.

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Awwwww butthurt idiot is butthurt.

I’m mean and rude and I disagree with the original post frequently. I’ve been commenting on here for years and years and the only time I got banned was when I (jokingly) made a dupe account of antinous to troll him about sock puppets and dupe accounts. I emailed him and was unbanned instantly.

The only comments that get censored are: off-topic, abusive, sexist, racist, discriminatory, etc. There’s rules here and if you don’t like them you can simply take your pathetic hang-ups and fuck right off. The internet is not a democracy and we don’t have to listen to your stupid opinion here. Just keep complaining, shit-for-brains… it’s going great so far.

bahahahahaha… was this you @Falcor ? I commend the duration of the ban

Why your local record store employee became an asshole

If Antinous were still at the helm I would’ve agreed with him. He deleted quite a few posts of mine because I disagreed with him or had an unpopular argument.

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That’s pretty much the way it is with any authoritarian tool. Regardless of original intentions, if it can be abused then it will be abused.

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Nobody’s commenting on the fact that they are actually prosecuting him. Here he’d be promoted to “new anchor”.


I think he did a damn good job herding the trolls and firestorms that happened here during his time. It’s not like he and I always agreed either.

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