China's comment army posted 488m things last year


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China’s comment army posted 488m things last year

I’m pretty sure I’m a close second.

[note sarcasm & schadenfreude]


The key technique is distraction — don’t rebut, change the subject — all driven by a growing belief among authorities that direct censorship is too crude and obvious.

Hey! Wait a minute …



Haha! That totally distracted me from the other thing that was distracting me!


Everyone, please, let’s focus! The important thing to keep in mind here is…hey, have you seen this?


You have found me out Sir! Good Friday to you!


Ha, those American accents are hilarious!


“Fifty Cent Party”


I hear the numbers are down dramatically now that Discourse has limited comment threads to 10k posts.


Five Years from Now: “With people having figured out that we were constantly trying to distract them and no longer falling for it, we’re proud to introduce an excitingly new strategy we like to call ‘Beating them to Death.’”



Mod note: Stay on topic.


But Boingboing only pays me 5¢ a post!


If the topic is about getting off topic is getting off topic on topic?


Wouldn’t that make it on-topic? But if we’re now talking about that, are we off-topic??




Well, the glorious People’s Republic of China may not be perfect, but the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is way worse, so you can’t go around complaining about anything the Chinese government does.


I’ve long wanted to ask on quora, which posters are part of the 50-cent army.


Please capitalize ‘m’ when it refers to million.

-Your Local Pedant