Quackspeak ascendant: China's subject-changing astroturfers rule the Chinese internet


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/08/03/tina-for-china.html


The “50-cent army”

Good name for a band.


I’ve noticed that the US Government has recently been using Twitter in a similar manner.



Thoughtcrime: it’s existence in a nation is the best way to know that shit’s getting worse there, in spite of other signs of improvement.


censorship is instead concentrated on any kind of organizational talk, anything that might mobilize street demonstrations or pull together a coherent opposition

In the US, opposition are taught from a young age to oppose organization on their own. Think of the savings!


Typical Pentagon overspending: one gold-plated (cyber-)fighter that’s spends most of its time in the hanger on the golf course.


Don’t mess with 50 Cent. It’s not just that one guy.

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