No comment on exfiltrating billions?

The comments link loops back to the article

It works for me. I wonder how long it takes to refresh the 0 comments though as I posted the first and there is 1 more.

Of course I pretty much use the BBS exclusively these days and only click out to the main site from here.


When I approach the comments from the BBS home page, I arrive exactly as you have linked.

But when I try to click through to the comments from the article itself, I just get the loop back.

weird cause I did try the comments link from the main site and it worked. said 0 comments but it did link to the bbs.

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Now there is a point of difference:

For me, the comments link from the article is not prefixed with a number at all.

It doesn’t say “0 Comments”

It just says “Comments”

It’s fixed now.

And of note:

The comments link in the article says “6 Comments”

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