Chinese iPhones crash when users try to type Taiwanese flag characters

I’ve always marveled at the paradox of Taiwanese independence.

Mainland China has acquiesced to Taiwan’s de facto independence for decades, and the only thing that risks that independence, and that brings China to threatening military action, is Taiwan officially declaring independence.

What baffles me about this isn’t that Apple would do it; but that they’d do it in a way that reflects badly on Unicode practice(and in this case made their device crash).

As is perpetually underappreciated; Unicode Does Not govern rendering. It’s scope is already pretty Sisyphean in attempting to provide a standardized encoding for all the natural-language-relevant glyphs, it doesn’t pretend to provide some fonts as well.

In this case they removed an emoji whose presence was expected elsewhere; and hit a crash when that assumption was violated. Why do all that instead of having the font used when the Chinese localization is in place render the Taiwanese flag identically to the Chinese one(or as whatever officially-approved harmonious-non-renegade-province symbol team Beijing requests)?

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