Chinese Obama impersonator speaks fake English

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He doesn’t sound like Obama at all. That’s the joke?

There’s not even a resemblance that I can see. His fake English comes off pretty well, though. It’s probably better than the fake Chinese I sometimes hear Americans use when they think they’re being funny.


Reminds me of this (skip about 1/2 way until he starts to sing):

Point is, something can sort of ‘sound’ like English, yet still be gibberish.


I was just thinking the same thing!


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Or fake Japanese, if they’re early-1990s-era Dana Carvey.

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it makes me kind of happy to see further evidence that hollywood does not have a monopoly on cheerfully dumb movie premises. Mankind is united in its taste for terribly silly popcorn films.

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This is just begging for an animated mondegreened version.

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