Watch: Japanese people demonstrate what English sounds like to them

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Do we really want two concurrent threads on this topic?


What, you expect boingboing contributers to actually read boingboing?


The second time is just to make sure everyone sees it, right? (It’s viral on Reddit right now, so don’t worry)


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Is there a popular Japanese entertainer that does this? The similarity in all the gesticulating could be analogous to the way that if you asked most Americans to do a Bush Jr. impression, they would imitate Dana Carvey’s Bush impression.

This is one of those topics that comes up fairly often.

The film Skwerl is the most famous one, I think.


Well done! Like a warped living version of those bad lip-reading videos.

Love the pineapples!


Déjà vu (Reboing). @frauenfelder, @beschizza posted this earlier today

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Made me laugh, a lot.

I think part of what is happening is that they are doing impressions of American tourists that are trying to be understood by gesticulating and talking louder. I’ve noticed in my own travels that Americans are louder and seem to expect everyone is really American under the surface. “Stop with the foreign stuff for a minute and just speak Americanese to me!”

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I’ve seen that phenomenon somewhere before:

(I’d forgotten that mock Japanese is the chef’s native tongue)

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