Chinese security forces administer rectal probes to 10,000 pigeons




Talk about security theater - birds don’t even HAVE anuses!


Was it about contraband, or did they just want the public to not be shat upon?

(If the latter, they should first probe the politicos…)


Picky picky, you don’t have to be so anal about it!


So now we know the real difference between the US and China: the US would never knowingly release pigeons into the wild. We’d keep them locked up after the probe.


“Probe these 10,000 bird anuses by the celebration or its the firing squad for you.”

“Hang on, I’m thinking.”


Cloaca and dagger.


What were they suspicious about? What were they hoping to find? I’m really confused here, if anything this seems like a surefire way to catch avian flu.


no shit


Well, I hope they’re all clean. They’ll be fucked if they get put on the no-fly list.


They can take the train.


Sure, they checked every one to make sure it was clean, but I guarantee you that by the time they got to the ten-thousandth bird, the first one had something nasty waiting in its nether-regions just waiting to plop out.


Christ what an asshole.
Christ what an asshole.
Christ what an asshole.
Christ what an asshole.


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