Chipotle will close Feb. 8 for a companywide meeting on food safety

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I stopped eating there when I was consistently getting sick after eating there.

Thought it was only me…

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In the real world, this is the point that their corporate owners should be asking for real governmental oversight of our national food safety. Instead, my money’s on them introducing a real version of Chipotlaway as opposed to addressing the problem.


Where are we eating on Feb 8? Taco Bell?


From now on all locations must have a sign reading “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work” posted in the restrooms.

Meeting adjourned.


Nah, they already do that. They’ll just insist it’s in Spanish too.


Apparently it wasn’t just you. I ate there once. It was fine, I guess. Give me a hole in the wall Mexican place any day, though.


That reminds me. Since I punted on going to the office today the taco truck just a few blocks away is a valid option today. WOO!


Is Chipotle catering there own event? Personally I think it’s a great idea…

You’re on Ventura Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley and the best you can do is Chipotle?



This is how the Franchise Wars end.


There’s a great article in Bloomberg Businessweek about how the company has been handling the food safety crisis on their hands, and how it will change their procedures going forward. That business runs a tight line between freshness, profitability, and speed. I thought it was fascinating to see how they think.

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The Chipolte down the street was one of the ones implicated in last fall’s Oregon/Washington outbreak. As I recall that e. coli outbreak was traced to vegetable ingredients, contaminated out of house.

I went as soon they reopened. Bustling as ever.

I went to get a burrito earlier this week. They were down to a skeleton crew. Service was slow but not intolerable, because there weren’t a lot of people lined up. Maybe a third of the tables were occupied.

Nice to see that it’s an issue that they have to have a company wide event about, but not that much of an issue that they can park it for 3 weeks. I assume they’ve scheduled it with the microbes, bacterium etc. …

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